August 27, 2011

Carrot Oat Chocolate Chip Cookies

It is not easy to keep my cookie jar full when I make this delicious recipe. Flavorful cookies and on the healthy side ; )

Basil Coconut Cookies

I always enjoy going to the Central Market for many reasons but my favorite one is to try what new Gelato flavor they have available.
 I was completely delighted and thrilled with the coconut basil flavor. 
After craving for more a couple of days later, I decided to start mixing and trying to get the best cookie version of the delicious gelato. Today I am very pleased with the final concoction and very happy  to share my recipe with you.


The heavenly French pastry! After five hours to master the art of "macarooning" I now can share with you the recipe :)

Scandalous Brownies

Is truly a scandal to try this sinful squares because 
I believe they will bewitch you & take control of your being.
 They might possess addictive qualities.
You've been warned ;)  ...


 These are "quesitos", "mini cheeses" would be the literal translation & the name comes after the cream cheese inside them ;)  They are very common in my homeland Puerto Rico, a staple for breakfast and the companionship of the afternoon coffee. This recipe I'm sharing with you is one ingredient different from the traditional, a version created by my mother & very well enjoyed by everyone!  
I make his little deliciousness for my family constantly.  They disappear quickly and the subsequent squabble is always there to let me know when they're almost gone! I hope you enjoy!!...